Breakout #2:
Symbaloo for Personal Efficiency and Classroom Use
Bring your technology device and join me to learn how Symbaloo can increase your personal efficiency. We will also explore ways to leverage this tool for use in your classroom. Start by creating a free education account at Note: It would be super fantastic if you create an account before arriving at the session.

Mini-Agenda (time are approx):
10min -- Explore the "Geography" of this tool, see examples
5 min -- Create an account here
15 min -- Learn to add/delete webmixes
15 min -- Create your own webmix, add, edit, copy, delete tiles.
20 min -- Explore MORE efficiency tools embedded in your/my symbaloo.
5 min -- Questions/Clarifications

Adding a Webmix:
  1. Go to this link to see the sample webmix I made for you.
  2. Click on the little orange box that says, “Add this webmix”.
  3. Now you will see the webmix in your account.
  4. Delete a webmixes that came standard with your account.
  5. Go to the Gallery, practice finding and adding a webmix of your choice.

Creating your own Webmix:
  1. create a new webmix
  2. change your webmix background
  3. add a tile/delete a tile
  4. edit a tile
  5. copy a tile from a different webmix to your new webmix
  6. create a custom image for your tile
  7. learn options to share your webmix with others

Spiralized Diigo Outliner

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