Commonweath Charter Academy -- Harrisburg, PA

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Keynote (8:30-10:00am):
Customized Learning - It's Inevitable
Customized Learning is a technologically empowered, learner focused alternative to the Industrial Age System of school. What if every day, every learner was met with customized learning experiences at precise developmental and achievement levels, was learning in the most effective learning style with content of interest, was challenged, was successful and left school eager to return? This is not only possible with today's technologies it is Inevitable. Industry has figured out how to mass customize products and services, education is poised for this leap.

Breakout #1 (10:30-11:30am):
Open Education Resources: Powering Learner Voice and Choice (click for breakout session resources)
Learn more about leveraging technology resources to move from static content resources to dynamic resources that help us meet students at their achievement level, that accommodate different learning styles, and that contain content of interest.

Breakout #2 (12:45-2:15pm):
Symbaloo for Personal Efficiency and Classroom Use (click for breakout session resources)
Bring your technology device and join me to learn how Symbaloo can increase your personal efficiency. We will also explore ways to leverage this tool for use in your classroom. Start by creating a free education account at Note: It would be super fantastic if you create an account before arriving at the session.
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