Awesome Highlighter is a tool that allows you or your students to highlight important text online and to share it with others. The new common core standards have an emphasis on informational text (SD CommonCore, Natl CC). We also know that summarizing and note taking are one of nine strategies identified by research to increase learning.

How might you utilize the ability to highlight online to teach or reinforce skills related to informational text? How might any content area benefit from the ability to highlight essential text-based information? How can you use the tool to make a lesson more student centered?

This is a link to a document that has been highlighted awesomely.
This is a link to the same document minus the awesomeness.
Which one would a teacher/student be more likely to read with meaning?

An article about the tool
watch the video below
jump right to the tool using the first link on this page and start to experiment.

Use the path that is best for your learning style.