Time, Space, Path, and Pace:
Leveraging Technology for Customized Learning

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The limitations of an Industrial-Age school system confine the time, space, path and pace of learning. In this session we will examine each one of these factors and explore ways we can leverage technology to not only improve student learning, but also to move school districts toward the Age of Empowerment.

If educators in your district would benefit from participating in a similiar presentation, please contact me to book a date jmathiesen@tie.net or 605.394.1876.

Learning Outcomes:

Attendees will....
  • Gain familiarity with the concept of customized learning.
  • Be provided with examples of how modern technologies influence time, space, path and pace in our daily lives in order to contrast that with how learning technologies can be leveraged to influence the time, space, path and pace of learning.
  • Explore technology tools that help support and empower learners.

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