RSU #57 - Oct 4, 2013

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Keynote:Leveraging the Power of Technology for Customized Learning
As we shift instructional focus, methods and materials toward a more customized learning experience, let’s leverage the power of technology to improve the student and the teacher experience. You can’t change all the Industrial Age structures of your school in one fell swoop, but you can influence learning in your classroom right now by employing great technology tools. We will explore technology resources that can make learning more relevant, more meaningful and more customized.

Add my webmix to your Symbaloo. Great a free account here.

Bring your technology tools for a hands-on experience with several of the tools mentioned during the Leveraging the Power of Technology for Customized Learning keynote. (session will primarily focus on Symbaloo tool)

1) Create short url Acct - bitly
2) Learn screenshot trick (shift, command, 4)
2) Create Symbaloo Acct here

  • Add this Webmix
  • Create new webmix - personal for practice, quick start & from scratch
  • Change wallpaper
  • Search gallery for relevant content
  • Add tile, simple add, create your own, copy from other mix
  • Customizing the tiles/the mix
  • Sharing the mix
  • Using this tool for customized learning
  • Create one for a learning goal in your are of expertise, share on google doc