Flexible Content to Leverage Learning
December 10, 2015 - 8am to 10am

The purpose of this session is to explore ways to move from static curriculum resources to dynamic resources that meet students at their achievement level, that accommodate different learning styles, and that contain content of interest.

Mini Agenda:
Prezi Presentation: Let's create some context for why we would want to leverage flexible open source content for learning.
  • Discuss resources vs "containers" that hold resources
  • What open source resources are you already using K-12 at Wall
    Please click on this google doc and add info.
  • A guided look at Gooru and CK12 & Digital "Textbooks"
  • A guided look at LiveBinder, Activate Instruction, OER Commons, Khan, Pro/Con
  • Video Resources: LearnZillion, NextVista, Club Academia